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A Life In Motion

Who is Soniya Ahuja?

A First Person Perspective in a Third Person Dialog

A traveler, a wanderer, a nomad – isn’t that what each one of us is? Soniya is a bit of all this and then some more. Like all humans, she is not perfect but she also does not strive for perfection in her personal life. She believes that imperfections are an integral part of any persona. They further define the characteristics of a person as he or she strives hard to make amends and cross hurdles. In her professional life however, she has a penchant for attending to details and likes to deliver things as perfectly as possible.

She was born and raised in India and traveled a few states in this beautiful country before moving to United States. She plans to explore new countries as the years pass by. She believes that each new geography acquaints you with new cultures and in learning about your fellow beings – you learn a great deal about life itself. As much as she loves socializing, she often craves for solitude and she finds it in the lonely waves on the beach, or in the obscure moonlight on a new moon night, or in the breeze that whispers through a thicket of trees.

Her exploration continues and she hopes she can be an explorer for as long as she breathes.

A Travelogue - Scrap Book - Verbal Graffiti

A life is a never ending story. Every action has a lasting effect. Even when our life ceases to exist – the effects caused by our actions persist. This website is a story of some such actions, my thoughts, my journal, my companion. It is a reflection of my opinions and notions. It is an expression of the messages conveyed by the neurons in my gray matter. Thus follows a legal disclaimer that no harm is intended to anyone who might find any content on this website offensive, obtuse, hilarious, irrational or illogical. It is a reference site for reading some of my thoughts but not a platform for judging me – for our thoughts change with time.

Welcome to join me on this viewing of My Life In Motion!

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